GroupMAN Box

Sold Out After Crisis- Top Survivalist Product

) processed products (soups, vegetables, greens, fruit, beans, etc.) oatmeal freeze dried entrees (invaluable in evacuations and issues in which cooking is complicated) yeast baking powder, baking soda acrylic, shortening (Shortening, if kept in a glass or metal package has a much longer shelf life than oil.) dried dinner Down the very best of my mind, those are the biggies. Freezedried and dry produce will also be worth contributing to the record, in accordance with preferred dishes and private tastes. Thanks, I added your site. I have tried stockpiling alcohol but I generally wind up drinking it:-) "liquor (the drinking form. Could it be a food? No, nonetheless it will end up very desirable and barterable.)preparation number ping ChocChip, you're an advantage to FR. Please do not quit along with your information; your efforts cure a great deal of individuals of their ignorance, mine involved.

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